Thursday, September 07, 2006

Iatrogenic death - وداعا نجيب محفوظ

when i heard the news about our Noble prize winner Naguib Mahfouz ....... i was not optimistic , why ??! i knew that they will seize this chance to appear as media stars achieving non medical inhuman goals
the man aged 95 years , yes but i believe that he was mistreats medically .
let's throw lights on the short course since he was admitted to hospital , he suffered from a blow in the head when he was walking in his house , doctors decide to admit him in hospital ........ why ?????
because he is old ???? this is not a cause .
his condition required that , i doubt that , i think - based on his life course and his previous medical reports - that he is a real fighter . we may accept that temporarily , i think a case like this - according to similar medical cases - doesn't need more than 24 hours in hospital just for close observation
why is hospitalization is not preferred in such cases :
1 - fear of nosocomial infections ( i.e infections acquired from hospitals )
2 - psychological trauma ( when you are deceived by false medical reports that you are dangerously ill .... you will fall sick especially when you are hospitalized )
3 - in such age , daily light exercises are badly needed for fear of bed sores and medical risks threatening bed ridden people

through these lines we may jump to this conclusion
Naguib had a trained nurse at home , why he was admitted for more than a day , he was bed ridden for time that subject him to nosocomial infections , he was attacked by bronchitis ( the man is on his bed in a bad mode for long time without any respiratory exercises even he was forbidden to walk , accumulation of respiratory secretions in a polluted place full of pathogenic bacteria and viruses like hospitals delivered him to severe bronchitis and stress ulcer then to bleeding and respiratory failure
doctors made him some maneuvers to save his life but it worsened the case
the candle that Naguib lightened in our minds will never fade and it will testify for him for ever
god bless his soul and save ours