Wednesday, May 16, 2007

NOURA YOUNIS :To those interested in Bamha case Tough Luck

I received the below message today from an Egyptian who personally spoke to some of the victims and the bottom line is: someone wants this to go untold. Are we letting this pass?I tell you if we let the discriminative and politicised security apparatus grib all our causes and issues, if we don’t stand for citizenship rights, for places of worship, for building churches, for freedoms to all Egyptians, then the exodus will continue and those who remain will be residents - not citizens. Who would want a country like that? Who would want an over-crowded plot of land with 70 million residents and no citizens? Are they leading us to civil war? Don’t you see this injustice will only yield an explosion out of all control?An act of terror took place in Bamha, if you haven’t realised. If the Egyptian regime is not using its anti-terrorism law to punish the muslim criminals who burned christian houses in Bamha then what good is it for? I must have forgotton such legislations are only used against political opponents. So the ones who burned the houses will not stand a military tribunal, but the Muslim Brotherhood will! They will not be punished, but Monem will! They will not rest in jail, but Kareem will serve four years! Oh, and what was the crime of Ayman Nour??
So the Egyptian christian citizens of Bamha will live in fear and shame, or will collect what remained out of their belongings and move to more tolerant plot of land - that is if they could find one.
Shame on you Mubarak!
Shame on the cosmetic Parliament !
Shame on us
, as we go to our beds tonight ignoring the pain and agony of the Bamha people!
I have beautiful memories of childhood summers with my aunt in our northern village el-Negila. I am deeply sorry for every Christian citizen living in Bamha who will carry horrible memories of fire, hatred and exclusion for the rest of his life. I am sorry for every child who was terrorised.
This was NOT in my name.
Is anyone willing to start an apology campaign in this country?
To those interested in Bamha case: Tough Luck

The email
Hi all,I’m not really into sending political emails, but the situation in Bamha now is really sad, and I couldnt but write about it..Today at 11 am Amn El Dawla organised a “Magles 3orfy” for all the parties concerned. Those who attended included the victims of the attacks, the Priests of El Ayat Church - Another church, not the one in question - , Amn el Dawla, representatives of the attackers and Ayat representatives in the People’s assembly.
Before te meeting, the Christians were hoping for only one thing, building the church, but after the meeting, the whole situation changed.
Here are the three points they were forced to agree on:
1. The victims would drop any law suits against the attackers.
2. The victims would forfeit any financial compensation for their losses.
3. Amn el Dawla, and the city of Bamha granted the Christians the permission to expand the already existing Christian services building internally, i.e. they can remove and build walls inside. But this building would still be a services building not a Church “Mabna Madaress A7ad”.
The financial compensation point was a result of a direct order from Motraneyet el Giza to the priests in the area. My guess is that was under the influence and pressure of Amn El Dawla, but that’s just a guess.
I’ve personally talked to one of those who signed the agreement, and he told me that the reason he signed is that many false cases were filed against the Christians, and many Christians were arrested as a result. He added that if they wouldn’t have signed the agreement, those arrested could have been imprisoned.
After signing the agreement, the victims went out crying, while the attackers families were happy, and started “Tas2eef and Za3′areed”


from Noura Younis site

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