Friday, June 04, 2010

A Chinese man wearing a T-shirt with protest slogans is tackled by a military policeman after he threw leaflets in Beijing's Tiananmen Square Friday, June 4, 1999, the 10th anniversary of the bloody military assault on pro-democracy demonstrators. The man, who claimed to be a Beijing University student, was protesting official corruption, a key complaint of the 1989 protesters. Hundreds died when troops shot their way through the city streets on June 4, 1989, to retake the square from student led demonstrators who had occupied it for seven weeks. (AP Photo/Greg Baker)
Demonstrators holding banners march through a Hong Kong downtown street Sunday, May 31, 1998, to honor those who were killed in the bloody crackdown on the pro-democracy movement in China nine years ago. The banner in front on which is painted a demonstrator facing Chinese tanks called on people ``not to forget'' the massacre. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)

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